Friday, January 11, 2013



Today I celebrate life
With it's wonders and it's fears
I celebrate the joy it brings
And I celebrate it's tears.

The joy of early morning
When the dayspring is at hand
The friends I gather round me  -
The way that things are planned.

I celebrate each breath I take
And will ever thankful be
For the very gracious man
Who gave the gift of life to me.

Love is celebrated in my heart
With it's tenderness and pleasure
And those I love are dear to me
The greatest of life's treasure.

I celebrate the sunrise 
And the bird's sweet morning song,
The blue of skies above me 
How can I go wrong ?

I celebrate the ocean 
And the movement of the tide,
The pleasure of a seaside walk
Brings joy I cannot hide.

I celebrate the summer days
And the changing of the seasons
Music and laughter and kindness
I celebrate for many reasons.

The joy of winter nights beside the fire
Good company and a book to read,
I celebrate these special times 
When I have all I need.

I celebrate the chance I've been given
To reach out and hold another's hand.
To enjoy laughter and friendship 
With those from a different land.

We live in a world that's changing
And filled with trouble and strife
Despite the sadness around me 

©  Linda J. Vaughan

January 11th. 2013

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