Thursday, April 25, 2013



A sleepless night, the threat of rain,
Listening to music to pass the hours,
A busy mind, uncertainty and fear,
Hearing now the autumn showers.

A special service at dawn with memories,
Of days long gone when pain was real
Waiting and thinking and longing
For mornings faint glow to steal.

I am out of step with my world today
And tears stream down my face,
Confused and anxious are my thoughts
My heart begins to race.

Dressed and ready to face my day
With coffee at my hand
Support from one who cares for me
And leads me by the hand.

I am told to recall how well I am
And that I've been given a second chance,
I realize that I must look forward
With ne'er a backward glance.

I wake each day with a thankful heart
And whatever will be will be,
These wobbly days are confusing,.
I lose sight of the real me.

I know I must be positive - "it is what it is"
And I must patiently wait,
I'm not good at waiting 
And I am never late.

It is out of my hands and I must see
The joy in every day 
Seize with both hands the life that is mine
And not let things get in the way.

Another strong coffee and a stern reproach
From the core of my very being,
And I am back in step with my life again,
And clearer is my seeing.

The tears I have shed this morning
Have been there for a long while
It's good that they are out at last
And I can face my world with a smile.

It's true that to see the rainbow 
We must surely have the rain,
And that for flowers to grow
The showers must come again.

I am blessed in my life to have support
And encouragement from those who care,
To help me back on track,  face my life
And to encourage me to dare.

© Linda J. Vaughan

April 25th 2013

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