Wednesday, April 10, 2013



It's springtime in Philadelphia 
And the daffodils are in bloom
Sunshine can be seen again 
From the windows of each room.

The sky is blue with wispy clouds of white
And warmth is in the air again,
Spring blossoms grace the streets once more
And sometimes showers of spring rain,

The seasons now are changing 
Bringing joy to a special heart
There's been an aching and a longing
For spring days to finally start.

There is digging, weeding and planting
And soon new growth will appear
Beautiful flowers and garden herbs
Hearts to encourage and cheer,

So many miles from Philadelphia 
Autumn is showing her face,
The days are getting shorter 
And winter is coming apace.

Autumnal days and hours,
Leaves of every hue
There is a chill in the air this morning
And a very heavy dew.

Temperatures are much the same 
On both sides of the world
But here in Adelaide leaves are falling
For you tiny buds uncurled.

I bless the changing of the seasons
And the sharing from the heart
Of all the joys and pleasures 
Of which these seasons are a part.

I long for cooler weather
Relief from summer haze
While your heart is yearning 
For the warmth of summer days.

Iced tea in the garden for you,
Lazy days upon the shore,
Hot chocolate and fireside for me
I could not wish for more.

You will read your books beside the sea
Under shelter from the sun
Days will be long and lazy
Children playing  having fun.

I'll find a fireside chair and curl up
My book, my coffee and a cake
Oh how I love the changing seasons
And the joys that they make.

We are blessed to see another season
Of change and nature's growth 
With thankful hearts we welcome 
The changes for us both.

For Joseph in Philadelphia 

© Linda J. Vaughan

10th. April 2013 in Adelaide.

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