Tuesday, September 17, 2013



I’ve watched you play beside the sea,
Splash in the water and play in the sand,
I’ve watched you grow from girl to woman,
And I have held your hand.
I have seen you run, jump and skip
And play upon the sand.
I have watched you splash the water
With the wind blowing your hair,
I hear your laughter and it brings to mind
How very much I care.

Now when you walk beside the sea
It is another hand you hold.
I hear your laughter once again
Bringing warmth to days of cold.
I gave you roots to anchor you
And wings for you to fly,
I rejoice and wish you happiness
But sometimes sit and sigh.

I know that you still need me
But in different ways for sure
I see you take responsibility
And I couldn’t love you more.
I see you walking different paths
With steps that are strong and sure
My life is very different
From what it was before.

I see the tender smiles you give
To the ones who hold your hand
I hear your laughter ringing
It is, as it was planned.
I see you walk together
And watch your warm embrace
I see the love light dancing
On your sweet and lovely face.

© Linda J. Vaughan
17th. February 2012

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