Monday, December 30, 2013



I only know your first name
And that you've been gone several years 
That your wife and family miss you 
And that they have shed many tears.

For me it is a day of celebration
A return to healthy living 
I am alive today because of you 
And the fact you thought of giving .

Four years have passed
And I'm alive and living well
Your gift to me was priceless
As I can surely tell.

The gift of life you gave to me
Allows me the joy of many things,
Daffodils in springtime,
Swallows on the wing.

Time with friends and family,
The pure joy of happy living,
All this is mine 
Because you thought of giving.

Christmas presents under a tree,
A star to remember you,
Tinsel and glitter and shiny things
A song to sing and a job to do.

Thank you doesn't seem enough
But the words are so sincere,
I think of you so often
And hold your memory dear.

Life has changed so much for me
Moments of wonder, joy in little things,
Thank you for the gift of life
Oh how my heart sings. 

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 30 2013
Updated December 30 2017

Thank you Owen for the gift of life and thank you to your family for carrying out your wishes. 

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