Monday, December 23, 2013



And so this is Christmas
The shopping is done,
Time to relax 
Let the children have fun.

Weeks of anticipation
Now drawing to a close
With thoughts of a snowman 
And a button for his nose.

There's the rustle of paper
And the ringing of bells,
Old recipes used for favourites
And lovely kitchen smells.

There are lights on the tree
And a gleam in our eyes,
As we hold tight to the secrets
Of a lovely surprise.

Special times of family 
And of getting together,
Of travelling home 
No matter the weather.

Waiting for the Mail Man
Bringing cards across the miles
Sitting down to read them
Remembering with smiles.

We think of other family times
And of those no longer here,
We live with empty spaces
And remember those most dear.

Babies and little children
Bringing many many joys
Pride in our grown children
No longer girls and boys.

Taking joy in Christmas music
Which echoes through the air
A very pleasant interlude
To put aside our care.

May love and laughter fill your homes
And joy be your special guest
I wish you Merry Christmas
And nothing but the best.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 23rd. 2013

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