Tuesday, July 8, 2014



“Closed for the winter “
Windows salt sea stained,
Doors all closed and shuttered
Puddles where it has rained.

Paper blowing down the street
Sand blowing from the beach,
Sea birds soaring and dipping
A sad and mournful screech.

Grey skies and murky waters
Wind blowing from the sea
“Closed for the winter”
Brings contemplation to me.

Several brave souls walking
On a jetty sprayed with foam
Happy to be walking
Yet happy to go home.

A Restaurant all cosy
With warmth inside its door
Lunch available and ready
All this and so much more.

No outside tables and umbrellas
No shade from a blistering sun,
Just a bleak and forlorn picture
With winter nearly done.

The winter will not last
And signs will be taken down
Windows washed and shining
A summer sun beating down.

Children will play and splash
In the water on lengthening days ~
“Closed for the winter” will be just a memory
Which will fade in the summer heat haze.

©  Linda J. Vaughan

1 comment:

Linda said...

Very nice and very true..except around here, as you know, it is white snow and ice.
Linda Draddy