Friday, January 16, 2015



I’ve done some thinking lately
And it somehow frightens me,
Just how the years are passing
And the changes that I see.

My body tells me I am older
But in my mind I am still a girl
Taking on the world’s great problems
With a flourish and a swirl.

I still have a sense of justice
As I had once before,
It’s my body that is aging
In my mind I’m twenty four.

Marching in a protest
Standing for what I believe.
I did that again at fifty five
No changes I perceive.

Forty years have passed
Since I first gave birth
To see my “baby” fully grown
The greatest joy on earth.

I have passed the baton on
To another daughter bold
Whose heart so wide and open
The whole world it could hold.

Brown spots upon my hands
Oh gosh - Oh deary me.
That only happens to older folk ~
But it is happening to me!

I still feel the same about things,
And still love and think and feel
All the things I always felt –
But there are wounds which will not heal.

I still feel the barb of great injustice
To the people of the world.
I still weep great tears of sorrow
As another grenade is hurled.

Once I would have stood outside Offices
And told them the thoughts in my head,
But arthritis in my feet now pains me
So I’ll email them instead.

It’s not a glamorous business
This growing older day by day,
But I try to do it with dignity
And watch the things I say.

Yes I am growing older
And I don’t like it very much. ~
It takes me about twice as long
To do only half as much.

I still weep at nature’s beauty
And friendships kindly ways,
The dewdrop on a summer rose
Crisp and misty autumn days.

Birthdays at forty, fifty, sixty
All came and went away.
I really am quite grateful
For each and every day.

So as I look in the mirror
And see the lines upon my face,
I try to recall the things I’ve done
And the memories I retrace.

I am glad I have these wrinkles
They are a map of the years,
They tell the story of my life
Of the laughter and the tears.

So growing old is a blessing
And thankful I will be
For all the friends who have supported
And travelled this road with me

©  Linda J. Vaughan
26 October 2004

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