Sunday, May 29, 2011



How often as we journey 
Is there some special touch?
A chance meeting with a stranger
Which affects us very much.

A helpful hand lent to one
Whose battle is nearly done,
And words from him brought to me
An awareness of a battle won.

A quiet and gentle man
Of almost eighty seven years
And when I heard what he had said,
I wiped away my tears.

“Thankyou Dear” is what he said
“For my glasses and my drink”
And oh how much these words of his
Made me stop and think!

“Once a man and twice a child”
Were the words he said to me
And as I thought about what he said ~
I could clearly see.

We talked about growing old
And how the wheel of life turns,
And I gently covered him 
And left him to the peace he yearns.

His words affected my thoughts
And will stay with me always
How right he was about “once a man”
And dependency at the end of his days.

How well I understood his words
As I saw the kindly smile
On the face of this beautiful soul
Who had traveled many a mile.

I did not just see a man 
Now getting older in years,
I saw the beautiful baby 
And I saw his Mother’s tears.

I saw the man he had become
And how much his life has changed.
I had a glimpse of life for us all
And how our days are thus arranged.

His words will stay with me 
For the measure of my days,
And I hope that when I am old
I have some of his charming ways.

I covered him gently,
And quietly turned out his light
I knew his words would change me
And I whispered a quiet “Goodnight.”

I doubt that this man would ever know
That words from him so soft and mild
Will always bring a warm memory
“Once a man – twice a child.”

Linda J. Vaughan
August 28th. 2002

Mr. O'Byrne was a patient in the next bed to my Father in hospital.
Written with Mr. O’Byrne in mind – they were his words.

I finished this piece today.

© Linda J. Vaughan
May 20th. 2011

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Aletha said...

Oh my gosh that is so beautiful