Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Well my friend it’s over again
Time to pack up the tinsel and holly
Time to put away the tinkling bells
The lights of the season so jolly.
No more presents wrapped 
And tied with ribbons red
It is oh so much easier 
To get little children to bed.

We have feasted and dined
And eaten more than our share.
We have had turkey and ham
And all sorts of Christmas fare.
Our tables were dressed and adorned
With linen we had pressed for the day
Candles and ribbons and sparkling things
Have now carefully been put away.

And so that was Christmas
And what did it bring
Such joy and such laughter
It made my heart sing.
I saw the children of my heart
On this Christmas Day
Washing the dishes 
And packing things away.

We all worked together
And cooked and created
To say it was lovely
Would be understated.
The gifts were bought with care
And wrapped with thought
In boxes and bags 
To hide what had been bought.

When I looked around 
At the mess of paper everywhere
I was reminded that we 
Wrap each other in our care.
The ribbons and the bows
Remind me of the ties
That bind us as a family
Underneath the southern skies.

And so that was Christmas…
With phone calls to friends
So many happy memories
It seems it never ends.
And now that it is over
And I am putting things away
I am reminded of the joys
That are mine on every day.

So as I sit after Christmas
With the year ahead new
I want to remind you 
That you’re important too.
You are part of my network,
My support group, my friends
I wish you happiness in the New Year
And Joy that never ends.

© Linda J. Vaughan
3st. December 2012

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Aletha said...

Oh so lovely I love your writing I may not say that all the time but you do write beautiful.