Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Welcome to the Garden
My home among the flowers,
This is where I spend my time
And while away the hours.

This is where the moon beams play
And diamonds grace the sky,
This is where the leaves fall
And I hear the wind sigh.

The river ripples on it way
And I sit on moss filled banks,
Dusting the flowers
And always giving thanks.

I splash in roses dew kissed
And watch the sunbeams play
The earthy smell of morning
Brings gladness to my day.

I am a caring Fairy
With a heart that’s  filled with care,
When you feel the gentle breezes
You will know that I am there.

I watch over younger fairies
As they learn and grow,
Their pleasant and sweet ways
Bring more joy than you will know.

So when the morning mist drifts
In Avalon’s early dawn,
You will feel my presence
As we face another morn.

I am there with you always
To hold you in my care,
To bring the joy of morning
And freshness everywhere.

I am the Mists of Avalon
With many stories to tell
Of days when Knights lived here –
I remember very well.

I remember Arthur and Guinevere
The Round Table and it’s tales
I remember the lake and Avalon
And I remember Wales.

I recall Morgaine and Lancelot
And the risks that they would take,
I remember the mists of Avalon
And the Lady of the Lake.

© Linda J. Vaughan

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